Average Weight Of NFL Players (All You Need To Know)

Losing weight or even gaining some can be challenging. Looking at NFL players, they are big people who are packing quite a lot of weight. It might be intimidating for anyone hoping to make it into the NFL, but having a goal can help. So, what is the average weight of NFL players? Is it achievable for ordinary people?

NFL players are heavy, and the average weight for these players is 245 lbs (111 kg.) The two heaviest positions are the Defensive Tackle and the Offensive Line, the latter being the heaviest at 314 lbs. Conversely, defensive backs and the kicker are the two lightest positions at 200 lbs and 202 lbs.

It is highly important that you remember that these numbers are just averages. There are many more factors that you need to consider if you want to play in the NFL. A good starting point for you is to understand what position you want to play and then look at the average heights of that position to see if you will make the cut. Let’s discuss this further in this article.

Are NFL Football Players Bigger Now?

It is always good to look toward the past to get a clearer picture of why things are the way they are. Doing this also helps us predict where things are going in the future. So, with that said, are NFL players bigger now than they used to be?

While there have been some massive players in the past, it is pretty clear that NFL players have been getting bigger as time passes. Whether or not they will keep getting larger on average remains to be seen. However, there is a limit, at least in my opinion.

Ok, that was a mouthful, and it is essential to remember that the tallest player in NFL history played in 1969. Richard Singh Stood at a whopping 7 feet tall. However, we shouldn’t look at exceptional cases to gauge the average player and base the answer on those cases.

Who is the Heaviest Player In The NFL Currently?

The NFL has seen some heavy people. However, in this section of the article, I want to discuss the heaviest player currently playing in the NFL. Many sites that discuss the heaviest player will tell you that it is a 410-pound Aaron Gibson, but he is a former player.

As of writing this article, the heaviest player currently in the NFL plays for the Baltimore Ravens; his name is Daniel Faalele. Here are a few things regarding Daniel that you should know:

  • He is from Australia.
  • Daniel Faalele weighs between 380 pounds and 383 pounds (around 173 kg.)
  • His position is Offensive Tackle.
  • Daniel plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

Every time there is a draft, new players come in, so whether or not Daniel is the heaviest player while you are reading this article is something I cannot predict. But, finally, as you will see further down in this article Daniel Faalele, it’s not the heaviest player in NFL history.

Who Is The Lightest Weight Player In The NFL Currently?

To be the lightest player in the NFL is an achievement. But, remember, you come up against some enormous individuals. Nobody will blame you for thinking that the most lightweight players would be the kickers; after all, that makes sense. However, the lightest players on average are wide receivers.

Brandon Banks plays for the Washington Redskins. Since the start of Brandon’s career, he has been the most lightweight player weighing only 154 pounds (70kg). As a wide receiver, his weight does not affect him very much. Instead, he uses his speed, skills, and agility to compete against heavier players.

How Much Does The Average NFL Safety weigh?

In American football, Safety is part of the defensive back. This position and the rest of the defensive back are responsible for being the last line of defense. There are a few traits that you need if you want to be part of the defensive back, at least for most positions in that part of the field:

  • You must be agile.
  • Acceleration is a critical skill that defensive backs work on.
  • Defensive Backs are not typically small people. However, they generally are not the biggest players on the field.
  • Once you have used acceleration to reach your top speed, you must be able to Sprint the length of the field to keep up with your opponent and try and stop them before they get a touchdown. So, endurance is a crucial skill to have.

The average weight for defensive backs is 200 pounds. Although on average, they are the lightest players on the field, that does not mean they are small players, as 200 pounds is not light. For example, in professional boxing, anything over 200 pounds is considered a heavyweight in most organizations.

What Position Has The Heaviest Average weight In The NFL?

The offensive line in the NFL is made up of five or six positions. These players are typically the heaviest and strongest NFL match. The average weight for this position is over 314 pounds. In addition, they are some of the tallest players in the game. Being tall, heavy, and strong helps to cover as much space as possible with your body.

In the offensive line, it is not uncommon for the offensive tackle to be the heaviest player on the team. Many players in the offensive tackle have weighed over 400 pounds. As we have discussed, the heaviest player in the NFL currently is Daniel Faalele, who weighs around 380 pounds.

What Position Has The Lightest Average Weight In The NFL?

As we have discussed, defensive backs are typically the lightest players on the field, with an average of around 200 pounds across the entire NFL. An interesting thing to note is there are only three positions with an average weight of fewer than 210 pounds. These positions are:

  • Wide receivers (average weight: 200 lbs)
  • Defensive backs (average weight: 200 lbs)
  • Kicker (average weight: 202 lbs)

Heaviest NFL Player In History

It is hard to imagine how massive NFL players are until you see them in person. Even if you are the same height, the amount of mass they have on their body is incredible. With that said, who is the heaviest NFL player in history?

Aaron Gibson: While Aaron was the tallest player, he stands at 6 foot 6. He played for various teams as an offensive tackle. However, his size did come with a few problems, which forced them into retirement.

Aaron weighed more than 410 pounds when he was in high school. While most players who leave school to play in the big leagues try to put more weight on, Aaron had to lose some, going from 440 pounds to 410 when joining the NFL.

Lightest Player In NFL History

The lightest player in NFL history, Brandon Banks, is still playing in the league. We have already spoken about him in this article. Whether or not we will see another player as light as Brandon banks remains to be seen, but I think we will eventually.

Does The NFL Have A Weight Restriction?

A few people have proposed that the NFL, along with college football, place a restriction on players’ weight. The goal was to provide a safety measure for college kids as a lot of pressure is placed on them to be as big as possible. That pressure increases when these NFL hopefuls make their push to try to get into the league.

However, the NFL does not have a weight or height restriction. It is essential to remember that there is a limit to how big someone can be while still being able to play the game. I like to think of it as somewhat of a natural weight restriction.

The NFL would look significantly different if they had to place either a weight limit or requirement on the players.

Are You Too Light Or Heavy For The NFL?

This question is a tricky one to answer. Of course, your age plays a significant role and the amount of time you have played football. However, if you have played for years and know your position, that makes it much easier.

If you are still learning the ins and outs of how to play football and are unsure of your position, well, things get a lot trickier. With that said, there are a few key factors you should consider:

  • How tall are you?
  • What is your BMI?
  • Which position do you want to play? When deciding, it would be best to consider your height, weight, and skills.

Once you can answer those three questions, you should have a better idea of whether or not you can reach your goal. If you are an NFL hopeful who is on the smaller side, you can try to play in one of the lighter positions, provided you have the skills necessary to play in that position. If you are a heavier person, the same applies.

How Many Times Can The Average NFL Player Bench 225?

Look, NFL players come in all shapes and sizes. For example, the NFL is diverse from 5 foot 6 and 200 pounds to 6 foot 9 at 380 pounds. Almost all NFL players are strong, but how many times can the average NFL player bench press 225?

NFL players on the smaller side can bench 225 up to 15 times on average. Larger players, such as those in the offensive line, can bench 225 up to 30 times on average.

The 225 bench press is used to test whether or not a player has what it takes to play in the NFL. The test involves assessing two key attributes of all players:

  • How strong the player is.
  • Endurance is the most significant part of the test.

If you want to start working on your bench press, you must do so safely. Working on your technique can be one of your most beneficial things. Remember, a good technique can aid your strength and make lifting heavier weights easier.


I would say that the average person can reach the average weight of NFL players because, as we have discussed, each position has a different average. So if you are trying to lose or gain weight, remember it is about patience, endurance, willpower, and safety. Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions regarding the average weight of an NFL player.


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