Can You Move Seats At A Basketball Game? (Find Out Here)

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The closer you’re to the court, the more expensive the seats are. However, you may spot a few empty seats closer to the action than you are, which may tempt you to move. So, can you move seats at a basketball game?

Moving to better seats at a basketball game depends on the usher standing next to them. Some ushers will allow people to switch seats, while others will refuse. Because of that, some people may try to sneak to other seats, which could work if they don’t get caught or backfire and cause trouble.

You need a good strategy if you want to switch seats since there’s a time and a place to do so. At the same time, what happens if you decide to sneak to another seat and get caught? You’ll do well if you know whether it’s okay to move to better seats.

Is It Okay To Move To Better Seats At A Basketball Game?

Whether it’s okay to move to better seats during a game depends on the usher you ask. Some will tell you there’s no issue with doing that, while others will not allow you to do so. You’re at the mercy of the usher you decide to ask because there are no rules regarding switching seats.

Some skip that first step and move to better seats without talking to anyone. There’s a high chance nothing will happen when you do that, though you may risk getting in trouble with an usher if you get caught.

Getting caught means going back to your seat at least 90% of the time. If that happens, you may try to bribe your way out of that situation, and that never ends well. Walk back to the seat you paid for when the usher spots you.

How To Move To Other Seats During Basketball?

Wait until the first quarter is over to see which seats are free. Sometimes, people will arrive late to a game, and you’ll have no choice but to walk back to your old seats if you decide to sit in one of those late-occupied seats.

Wait until the first quarter is over to look for the best seats available. After that, you can talk to an usher or sneak your way to the seat. Both scenarios have advantages and disadvantages you should consider.

Remember, an usher may tell you to go back to your seat right away if you ask beforehand. In contrast, sneaking your way to the seat allows you to stay there, at least for a while, though you’ll have no recourse if an usher taps you on your shoulder.

Do You Have To Talk To Someone To Move Seats At An NBA Game?

The best way to switch seats during an NBA game is to talk to an usher to see if they let you do it. The second-best option available is to do so without talking to anyone, which puts you at risk of getting on the wrong side of the people working there.

It’s hard to tell if an usher will allow you to move to a seat you didn’t pay for. However, it’s a sure thing an usher will get upset and ask you to go back to your seat if you don’t ask before switching places.

What Happens If You Move Seats At An NBA Game?

Whether you can move seats depends on a few factors, like how long it has been since the game started. You should talk to an usher before moving seats to avoid any issues.

However, some may try to do so without talking to anyone, knowing they’ll be asked to go back to their seats at worst.

In other words, you can either ask for permission or risk getting caught. You shouldn’t try to switch seats after an usher tells you not to unless you want to risk getting kicked out.

What Are The Best Seats In A Basketball Arena?

The best seats are courtside seats. If those premiums seats are unavailable, you should try to get as close to the court as possible.

Other than proximity to the court, most prefer to be at the center of the arena, avoiding being on either side as much as possible.

Of course, watching basketball is an incredible experience, no matter where you’re sitting. However, it can get even better if you’re not sitting on nosebleed seats.

Those who’ve sat down close to the stadium’s ceiling understand the desire to switch seats, even if you don’t have permission to do so!

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Why Are There Seats So Close To The Basketball Court?

Courtside seats allow fans to have an incredible experience watching a basketball game! These seats are right next to the action.

In fact, courtside seats put you so close to the action that you’ll have to sign a waiver relieving the franchise from any responsibility. Sometimes, that waiver comes on the ticket you buy.

Otherwise, you may be tempted to sue the basketball team after a ball or player hits you in the face by mistake. Courtside seats offer a unique opportunity, though they have a dangerous disadvantage.

How Much Do NBA Floor Seats Cost?

Courtside seats, also known as floor seats, can cost anywhere from $300 to $50,000. How much they cost depend on demand.

The best NBA teams will charge a hefty amount for the best seats in the arena and may charge even more if it’s for a special occasion, like the NBA finals.

That’s why you often see famous people or millionaires sitting courtside during important games. These seats cost too much! Millionaires have no qualms about spending that much money for a 2-hour game, though you may have an issue with spending your yearly salary for such a thing.

Are NBA Courtside Seats Worth It?

Courtside seats offer a unique experience for any sports fan. You can only get so close to the action when you watch basketball and a few other sports, like MMA. For that reason alone, these seats are worth it.

You can hear players talk, move, and play when you’re sitting courtside. You can only get closer by playing for one of the teams. However, the privilege of being right next to the action comes with a hefty price tag which can go up to $50,000.


You can switch seats during a basketball game if the ushers are okay with that. Some try to do it anyway without asking, which puts you at risk of getting caught. However, most ushers will ask you to go back to your seat when that happens.


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