Explained: Difference Between Piping And Braiding On Baseball Pants

For the love of the sport, many baseball players take their baseball uniforms very seriously. Wearing the correct uniform is essential for comfort and showing team support. If you have ever played the sport, one question may be: What Is The Difference Between Piping And Braiding On Baseball Pants?

A simple analogy is that piping is an edging formed by a strip of folded fabric, which can also be a piece of cloth covering a thin cord. Braiding, on the other hand, combines three or more intertwined stripes to create a flat or tubular fabric. The choice of either can be used as a binding.

While there are arguably no significant differences between the two, other than the subtle difference in sewing to determine if the result is the appearance of piping or braiding on the side of the baseball pants, both come in various colors.

What Is Piping On Baseball Pants?

Piping on baseball pants is typically the edging, representing a single stripe running vertically on either side of the pants. The piping can also incorporate a thin cord covered by fabric, giving the seams more body and making them easily distinguishable.

Piping can form seams on either plain or pinstriped baseball pants, although sewing them on plain fabrics seems more popular.

What Is Braiding On Baseball Pants?

Braiding is the in-cooperation of three or more pieces of fabric to form an edging sewn on either side of the pants. The good news is that the braiding technique is such that none of the colors are concealed. Ideal for use when your team has a mixture of 2 or more colors.

If you have ever pictured a person wearing braids, you will have an idea of the design on the pants’ side.

Why Should You Choose Piping On Baseball Pants?

They come in various colors and are often matched with the baseball jersey, representing team colors and giving the other players clarity on the defined team.

Apart from the team colors, piping is also used to define the seam lines on the side of the baseball pants. Piping somehow successfully manages to give the players an edge of sophistication but also makes the baseball pants very classy.

Why Should You Choose Braiding On Baseball Pants?

Baseball teams with more than one color should opt for braiding on their baseball pants to showcase their team colors. Besides just being used for decorative purposes, braiding can also be done on certain parts of the pants.

There is nothing more frustrating than wearing ill-fitted clothing while playing baseball. Pants that are too tight can restrict the player’s movement, while pants that are too loose can be uncomfortable.

Braiding also provides the dual function of reducing the width of the material on the thigh to hold it firmly in place for added comfort and agility so that you can let braiding hold your pants firmly while you focus on the game.

Ill-fitted pants can also cause the fabric to rub against your skin, causing irritation and allergies; luckily, braiding your baseball pants will help elevate this.

What Are The Differences Between Piping And Braiding?

Although piping and braiding are decorative features used on the baseball pants’ side to represent the team’s color, there are a few subtle differences.

Piping is the edging formed by one piece of fabric folded to form a seam.  Braiding is the incorporation of three or more pieces of fabric.
A single stripe represents piping.Braiding can be represented by more than one stripe.
Typically piping is used as a biased binding on the side of the pants.Braiding can also be used as a decorative piece around the waist, extending to each side of the pants.
Although available in an array of colors, one color is typically used on either side.Teams have the flexibility of choosing three or more colors as an edging.
On baseball pants, you may see the piping on one side of the pants or either side.On baseball pants braiding is generally found on either side of the pants.
The plain white piping is also commonly to be found on baseball pants.You will not find the technique of braiding in a single color of white. They are always represented by more than one color.
Piping is often used as edging on the sides of plain or pinstripe baseball pants.  Braiding is rarely used on pinstripe baseball pants, commonly found on plain fabric’s sides.
Piping is often just used as an edging.  Braiding can be used to ensure proper fitting of the pants, especially the thigh area.

What Are The Best Options For Piping On Baseball Pants?

There is often a misconception that piping on baseball pants is often just for decorative purposes and to represent the color while matching the team’s jersey. A dual function is that it helps distinguish seams. 

The best choices of piped baseball pants are

  • Under Armour Boys’ Utility Relaxed Piped Baseball Pant
  • Champro Piped Baseball Pants
  • Mizuno Piped Baseball Pants
  • Rawlings Piped Baseball Pants
  • Easton Piped Baseball Pants
  • Nike Men’s Swingman Dri-FIT Piped Baseball Pants

What Are The Best Options For Braiding On Baseball Pants?

Braiding is slightly less subtle than piping and can be found on the pants and the waist for more decorative purposes. Instead of visibly noticing a single thin piped edge, you will see a thicker, more visible edging on the sides of the pants, as well as the border of the waistline.

With an explosion of colors, it is improbable that your team colors will be overlooked.

The best choices for braided baseball pants are

  • Rawlings Plated Braid Men’s Baseball Pant RP150
  • Alleson Youth Braided Baseball Pants
  • Champro Adult Youth MVP Open Bottom Baseball Pants w/Braid
  • Under Armour Men’s Next Open Bottom With Braid Baseball Pant


There are no significant differences between piping and braiding other than the ones indicated above. When it comes to the classic and sophisticated look, piping ticks all the boxes. Braiding is a better option if you are looking for a dual function of style and fitment. 

No matter whether piping or braiding, the color of choice often highlights the team in question and can be easily matched to a jersey to complement the team colors.


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