Do NFL Teams Have Backup Field Goal Kickers? (Find Out Here)

In the United States, the sport football is without a doubt the most popular. The site estimated that about 37%  of all Americans chose football as the most favorite sport to watch. A fun fact? The popular game of football has been America’s favorite since 1972! From a cultural point of view, sports form an integral part of the United States.

NFL teams do have backup field goal kickers. It all depends on how strong your kicker is. There are more linebackers than there are defensive linemen. This happens in the instance a club plays a defense called a  3-4 base defense. The club can also decide to keep two kickers on the roster.

NFL is an exciting game. It’s so popular that people bet on the games. There will be one player that is for all field goals, and there will be another player that must kick off the ball. The players train a lot, and this is no game for the weak. Let us do some investigation and give you the answers you need!

Are Back Kickers Necessary?

Most teams have a second kicker on their roster, but not all of them are used. For example, the New York Giants do not have a backup field goal kicker because they feel the punter is good enough to handle kick-offs and field goals if needed.

While some teams may choose not to use their backup kicker for one reason or another, there are others who will rarely or never use theirs. Some teams believe that having two kickers on the roster is simply a waste of space, so they only keep one. It all depends on what the management of the team decides.

Most NFL teams with backup kickers use them in practice to simulate game-like situations. This allows the starters to focus solely on kicking during their games and gives the second-stringers some valuable experience.

As mentioned previously, most backup kickers are not used very often. So, what happens if there’s an injury or an emergency situation? If this happens, they will be called upon to step in.

Do Backup Quarterbacks Only Hold The Ball For the Kicker?

In the NFL, having backup quarterbacks play as holders have faded out. Backup quarterbacks held the ball for field goal kicks, but this was years ago. A new rule came into being and came into effect in 2011. This rule would allow NFL teams to have a backup quarterback only in emergencies.  

Do NFL Teams Have Emergency Kickers?

As an NFL fan, one of the most common questions fans ask is whether their NFL teams have emergency kickers. What if the emergency occurs and both the starter and the backups get injured? Well, we have done a lot of investigation regarding emergency quarterbacks.

That’s usually the question asked by fans. In reality, if it happens that the kicker gets injured, the punter will take over. Tom Brady kicked a few punts on third down nine years ago.

What Are The Three Reasons Why Punters Hold For Field Goals?

Imagine this: It’s the NFL playoffs, and your team is unfortunately down by a staggering two points! Your team has the ball in their possession, and they’re driving with all their power. This situation, while there is one left. 

As the minute ticks by, they are seen fighting their way downfield. And out of nowhere, they manage to line up for a 25-yard field goal for the win with only seconds in the game. What a surprise! The crowd is on their feet!

For some unknown reason, everybody falls silent. Something must be wrong. Unfortunately, the man carrying the ball is the punter; the defense runs him down and grabs the ball from him. The disgraced punter ends up with a wedgie and a wet willy. Yes, then he is crushed into the turf. All of this happened in a minute. Unbelievable. It goes to show how unpredictable the game is.

1. NFL Roster Is, Unfortunately, Limited

Yes, this boils down to some difficult decisions concerning how many of the 63 players they want to play out there on Sunday. NFL Teams can only carry 53 players. This brings us to a total of 63. Then there is also a 10-man practice squad. There will only be 46 players allowed to dress for a game.

2. In Reality, Punters Don’t Have A Lot To Do

Punters do the bare minimum; they don’t have much to do. While the team focuses on practice, including strategies, kickers and punters are busy working on their kicking and punting. No, they cannot just kick and punt for the duration of their practice. They are also closely monitored by their coach regarding their number of kicks every day.

The punter and kicker are important; they are two guys that spend a ton of time together. This is almost like a baseball pitcher that must keep a record of the number of pitches he has thrown. Punters must work with the special teams’ group. They also end up spending time in the film room. This happens at specific points during the week.

3. Punters Have Good Hands

Don’t make the mistake of fully underestimating a punter. Most people think the best player to catch a long run, the tight end or your wide receiver, would be the best choice. You will definitely not be wrong. Just remember, it doesn’t mean the punter is the last of the wrong choice.

Who’s Your Teams Emergency Kicker?

The NFL’s three-time All-Pro defensive tackle doubling and emergency placekicker Ndamukong Suh, recently said in an interview that the stakes were very high the last time he tried a field goal. He said he had three opportunities and that he was two of three. In the interview, he also admitted that the ” third field goal  “was intentionally missed.

Yes, the trial of the emergency kicker is an overlooked job that will invite snickers. There is a possibility that someone like Suh could be summoned to make an extra point or field goal. This might happen for the first time in his career, with the outcome on the line.


Every fan of the NFL knows that it is home to some of the world’s best athletes in the world. The most intriguing quality of these players is their unique skill sets, it varies from one player to the next. It is also a factor in what position the player plays. Amazingly, wide receivers can run up to 40 yards in over 4 seconds! The most impressive linemen can bench up to 250 pounds 30-plus times! Yes, these are some of the most disciplined athletes around!


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