Double Rim Basketball Hoop (All You Need To Know)

Basketball has not always been played with hoops. The sport was originally developed with real peach fruit baskets made from woven wicker. However, the modern game of basketball makes use of metal hoops and a variety of hoops used for various practicing specific techniques and skills. The double-rim basketball hoop is one such modern hoop, and many new players have questions regarding this hoop.

The double-rim basketball hoop is similar to the single-rim hoop, but it has two rims welded together. The double-rim makes scoring difficult, and only clean shots will make it through. Double-rim hoops are used for training and skill development. These hoops are more durable for outdoor courts.

Identifying and exploring the double-rim hoop is a good idea for new players, as understanding what this hoop if for and what makes it different from regular single hoops is important. Let’s take the time to explore the double-rim hoop to learn more about it, what it was used for when it came to be, and how popular it is among modern basketball players.

The Double Rim Basketball Hoop

Most basketball hoops are made from a single hoop of metal with a net hung from the hoop. This hoop is how points are scored in the game, and changing the characteristics of the hoop changes the way it feels and the way it performs in the game.

Most players are used to using single-rim hoops for basketball, but double-rim hoops are becoming more popular everywhere, which is frustrating for some players.

Double-rim basketball hoops are very similar to single-rim hoops, except that they have two hoops of metal welded together to form the hoop rather than only one single metal hoop.

The double-rim hoop makes the hoop far more rigid and simultaneously increases the surface area of the rim. This means that double-rim hoops are significantly more challenging to play with than single-rim hoops.

Hoops with a double rim are much more challenging to score in, regardless of the way the ball is used. Every type of basketball shot is far more difficult on a double-rim hoop, and most players prefer not to use a double-rim hoop at all if they can avoid it.

The extra metal that makes up the second rim of the double-rim hoop drastically changes the way the hoop performs and feels, and every player that uses one will quickly learn that they must adjust their playing strategy and adapt to the double-rim if they want to score at all.

The double rim is so much more difficult to play because it is so much more unforgiving than single-rim hoops. The double-rim was developed as a way for players to practice their shooting skills, as it forces players to aim for clean shots with no bounces or rebounds.

This type of hoop is made to force players to shoot more accurately, which is why most players do not use it, especially new players or inexperienced players.

The Double Rim Vs. The Single Rim Hoop

Anyone who has ever played basketball in any capacity is likely very familiar with single-rim basketball hoops. These are the standard hoops used in pro leagues, and they are the most common type of basketball hoop. How do these hoops compare to double-rim basketball hoops?

Single-0rim basketball hoops are far easier to use than double-rim hoops. The double-rim hoop is specifically designed to be more difficult to shoot, and the extra rigidity of the hoop combined with the increased mass and surface area of the hoop cause the basketball to bounce off the rim far more easily and prevents the ball from going through the hoop unless it is a clean shot.

Only a clean shot will allow a ball through a double-rim hoop, but single-rim hoops are significantly more forgiving. This flexibility and lower surface area of single-rim hoops allow the ball to go through the hoop more easily, and the shot does not have to be nearly as clean to score as it does for a double-rim hoop.

All players prefer to use a single-rim hoop over a double-rim hoop for games, as they are significantly easier to use, but double-rim hoops are far better for practicing, as they force the player to become more accurate and improve their playing ability overall.

Apart from the double-rim hoop, there is no other difference between these two hoop types, and they are both used in the same way; the double-rim hoop is more difficult and far less forgiving than the single-hoop.  

The Pros And Cons Of Double Rim Hoops

The double-rim basketball hoop is a good training tool, but most players do not enjoy using it. There are some important pros and cons to using a double-rim hoop that every player should recognize before making their decisions regarding this type of hoop.

Let’s explore the double-rim basketball hoop’s most prominent pros and cons.

The Pros Of Double Rim Hoops

The pros of double-rim basketball hoops include the following:

  • Double-rim basketball hoops are good for training shot arc
  • Double-rim basketball hoops are good for training shot accuracy
  • Double-rim basketball hoops are very durable
  • Double-rim basketball hoops are weather-resistant
  • Double-rim basketball hoops force players to improve quickly.

The Cons Of Double Rim Hoops

The cons of double-rim basketball hoops include the following:

  • Double-rim basketball hoops are very unforgiving
  • Double-rim basketball hoops are very difficult to use
  • Double-rim basketball hoops only score with clean shots
  • Double-rim basketball hoops require much better shooting skills
  • Double-rim basketball hoops can be very frustrating to use

Why Do Some Courts Have Double Rim Hoops?

Double-rim basketball hoops are becoming increasingly popular on many basketball courts, but the single-rim is still the most popular hoop type out there. This leads some people to ask why some courts have double-rim hoops installed permanently rather than just using double-rims for training.

The truth is that double-rim hoops are far more durable and weather resistant than single-rim hoops. Many public basketball courts, especially outdoor courts, have permanent double-rim hoops installed because they do not need to be replaced as often.

Single-rim hoops are more susceptible to damage from the weather, and public court hoops see a lot of abuse from being used and misused by all types of players.

Installing a double-rim hoop on a public outdoor court means that the hoop will last far longer, and the court will remain more playable, even if it is more challenging to use overall.

Weather, slam dunks, hanging, and various forms of misuse are far less likely to damage a double-rim hoop than a single-rim hoop, which means that it makes more sense for outdoor public courts to use double-rim hoops.

Are Double Rim Hoops Better Than Single Rim Hoops?

Double-rim hoops are very different from using when compared with regular single-rim hoops, and many players find themselves wondering if double-rim hoops are better and better for them than single-rim hoops.

It is difficult to say if a double-rim hoop is better for basketball players than single-rim hoops, but the reality is that double-rim hoops force players to do more, to play harder, to develop their skill more quickly, and to become better in less time overall than single-hoops do.

Double-rim hoops are much more difficult to use, and so they are bad for game morale, but the truth is that players who want to improve their ability to score in the quickest time possible should practice more on a double-rim hoop than on a single-rim hoop.

Single-rim hoops are generally better and more fun for general basketball gameplay, but double-rim hoops are better for training by a large margin. The rim that is best for you depends on the situation and your individual skill level and practice needs.

Do Professional Leagues Use Double Rim Hoops?

Professional basketball leagues such as the NBA and other pro basketball leagues do not use double-rim hoops for their matches.

Double-rim hoops are only used by these leagues as practice tools, but the official matches are played with reinforced single-rim hoops that are modified to protect the players from snagging on the net hooks.

Professional-level basketball leagues do not use double-rim hoops as basketball at this level is played according to a strict set of rules, and the rules dictate the type of hoop that is permitted in the games.

Single-rim hoops are used as the standard as this hoop is better for scoring, produces a more exciting game, and allows the players to take better advantage of their skills.

These hoops are also traditional to the sport, and basketball has several traditional aspects that are upheld even in the most modern version of the game.

All professional basketball leagues conduct matches with single-rim hoops, but many players are known to use double-rim hoops to practice their scoring and use various techniques.


Double-rim basketball hoops are not the standard on any court, but they have been adopted by outdoor courts that are used very frequently for rough games. Double-rim hoops are very durable and are very effective for outdoor games.

If you want to quickly improve your basketball shooting skills and your overall basketball ability, put in some practice with a double-rim hoop and watch your skills improve very quickly.


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