What To Do With Old Baseball Pants? (Find Out Here)

What to do with your old baseball pants? Perhaps your sports pants have suffered from extreme wear and tear or simply no longer fit. You may want to keep them as a souvenir, or you’d like to get rid of them instead. Let’s explore what options are available.

Old baseball pants can be sold, donated, or recycled. Alternatively, upcycling is also an option. Old baseball pants can be upcycled by transforming them into something new, and this method contributes towards reusing your old baseball pants more sustainably. 

There are several options to choose from when deciding what to do with old baseball pants. Some are the more traditional options, such as recycling, while others are more for creative minds that only require a little imagination! 

What Can You Do With Your Old Baseball Pants? 

Sometimes your baseball pants are deemed “old” as they simply no longer fit. Perhaps it’s because you’ve grown taller or your weight has fluctuated. Or maybe your pants are several years “old” as you have been using them for many years, and they’ve been through many years of play and loads of wear and tear. 

Whichever the reason, your old pants could merely need to be rehomed or repurposed. 

 Consider Donating Your Old Baseball Pants 

There are a few non-profit organizations to donate your old pants. You can search online for an organization near you. Using these organizations is an easy and excellent way of making a difference. Many of these organizations run programs for underprivileged children, so your clothing donations would be appreciated. 

Try to search for the Field of Dreams Baseball Project Students. They help underprivileged children in Latin American orphanages. Countless charities will accept gently used clothing. Goodwill and Salvation Army are popular donation spots too.

Also, consider donating your pants to a thrift store or local sports leagues, clubs, or schools. 

There’s also Donation Town, a website that assists you in locating a nearby clothing donation collection service in your neighborhood. That is an easy possibility for sure! 

Sell Your Old Baseball Pants If They’re Still Usable

If your old baseball pants are classified as old only because they no longer fit, you could get away with re-selling them if they are in a reusable condition for someone else. 

You could contact your local sporting store and enquire whether they would purchase your used (but still usable) pants. You could also consider selling your pants to a fellow teammate. Selling your old baseball pants is an excellent way of sustainably passing on your pants by making sure that it stays out of landfills. 

You can also turn to your local Buy Nothing Facebook Group to see how they can assist you with selling your pants. 

Keep Your Old Baseball Pants As A Souvenir

Maybe your old pants have seen you through many baseball matches and have been a part of many good game memories for you. Or perhaps you’re a baseball mom who’d like to keep your child’s first baseball pants as a souvenir or a keepsake.

These old baseball pants may lie in the back of the clothing cupboard for many years. Grab scissors and get creative. You could cut up the material into squares.

Use the squares to create a quilted pillowcase cover or something similar. This could be a good reminder of the sentimental memory you’d like to keep safe in your mind for the future.

How About Recycling Your Old Baseball Pants? 

Most materials are entirely recyclable, so recycling your old pants is always a good idea. In this way, we can contribute towards responsibly reducing environmental waste. 

 Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles.  can assist you in finding the closest textile recycling center in your area. 

Specific online recycling programs will take all your tired, poor, worse-off clothes, no matter the condition. They use the materials to repurpose them into something unique. Send your old pants to a new home by using Recycle Nation. Recycle Nation is both a website and an app. You can also use Recycle Nation to find companies that recycle items. 

Your Old Baseball Pants Can Be Upcycled

We are all aware of the three Rs. We know them as reduce, reuse, and recycle. But not many of us have heard of the “U.” This U stands for upcycling. Upcycling is simply the method of repurposing a used item into something else. Upcycling is a creative way of reusing something as if you are turning trash into treasure! 

Compared to recycling, upcycling is like the better-looking sister. Both methods are ways of reusing material, but recycling is breaking an item back down into its raw state and then reusing it. By comparison, upcycling is simply repurposing an item without breaking it down first. 

How To Upcycle Your Old Baseball Pants

All you will need is your old pants and a dash of creativity. You also don’t need to be that crafty. Plenty of excellent and creative ideas can be found on sites like Pinterest.

Have a browse online and decide what you fancy making.

Here are several ideas of what to do with your old baseball pants. 

  • Make a tote bag using pieces cut from the old pants. 
  • Cutting the pants shorter to make baseball knickers/shorts. 
  • Use one leg of the pants to make a camping bag. Perfect for roasting sticks! 
  • Use cut pieces to make a blanket or a quilt. 
  • Cut the legs off and use them as old rags to clean the house. 

Upcycling is easier than it is sometimes made out to be. Upcycling is a win-win situation. With a bit of thought and innovation, you can quickly develop many more simple and easy ideas. You don’t need any professional sewing skills, either. You may need a needle, thread, and perhaps a little blob of glue! Get those creative juices flowing! 

One could even use the above-made items as gift ideas for others. You may know of a fellow teammate that could use a customized tote bag to bring to baseball practices and matches.

Or do you know of a baseball enthusiast who is also an avid camper? A camping roasting bag would be the ideal gift to use when around the fire roasting those delicious marshmallows! The possibilities are endless! 

However, if you are not keen on going through the DIY process, there is a program known as TerraCycle Fabrics and Clothing Zero Waste Box. You can ship your old baseball pants to them, and they will repurpose them. 


The wisest way of deciding what to do with your old baseball pants would be to make a choice based on sustainability and always keeping the best interests of our environment in mind. Always consider ways of reusing, reducing, and recycling, as well as the creative idea of upcycling, to get rid of unwanted or old items in a meaningful way. 


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