What To Wear Under White Baseball Pants? (Find Out Here)

Baseball is immensely popular within the United States, but it is also becoming consistently more popular in many other countries. This means that more people are wearing baseball, and more people are wondering what attire is appropriate on the field, especially if they have to wear white baseball pants.

The best attire to wear under white baseball pants is white baseball sliding shorts, white compression shorts, or white compression pants. This type of underwear is designed for sports, and wearing white makes them invisible under baseball pants. They also add protection and mitigate transparency.

Knowing what to wear under white baseball pants can be challenging and frustrating, but the good news is that there are some excellent options that are explicitly designed to resolve this issue. Let’s identify the best things to wear under white baseball pants on the field.

What To Wear Under White Baseball Pants

Baseball players, both pro and amateur, are often required to wear white baseball pants. This is an old baseball tradition that goes back to the inception of the sport.

However, white pants are not always the easiest to use on the baseball field. They easily show what you are wearing underneath, especially if the pants are very thin. These pants become essentially transparent if they become wet with sweat, rain, or puddle water.

Wearing white baseball pants can leave many players wondering what to wear underneath, but fortunately, there are some very good options that solve almost all of the problems that come along with wearing white baseball pants.

Here are the best options for what to wear under white baseball pants, regardless of the player.

Baseball Sliding Shorts

The best item of clothing to wear under white baseball pants is baseball sliding shorts. These shorts are specifically made for wearing under baseball pants, and wearing white-colored sliding sorts is ideal for white baseball pants.

These shorts are made to replace underwear and increase the durability of baseball pants. These are similar to compression shorts, as they are skin-tight and move with the body, but they are not so tight that they restrict movement, and they are made from fabrics designed to which away moisture.

Sliding shorts add an extra layer of protection for players when sliding into bases or to catch a ball, and they are made to be as invisible as possible under white baseball pants.

If you play baseball regularly and need to wear white pants on the field, the best option for underwear is white baseball sliding pants.

Compression Shorts

Another good option for what to wear under white baseball shorts is white compression shorts. Compression shorts like this are made for sports such as baseball, and they are available in various colors to match the pants you wear.

Wearing white compression shorts rather than regular underwear provides good security on the field without restricting movement, and wearing a white pair of these shorts makes your underwear invisible through your white baseball pants.

Another good feature of white compression shorts is that the material does not become transparent when wet, which keeps you decent on the baseball field regardless of what happens.

Many players use compression shorts under their baseball pants for these reasons.

Compression Pants

Compression pants are similar to compression shorts, only a longer version. These full-length compression pants are favorite among players who wear white baseball pants.

Wearing compression pants like this adds a layer to your attire, which can help keep you warm and dry on cold or wet days, and they are excellent for playing sports, as they move with the body well.

A significant benefit of using compression pants rather than compression shorts is that they are very comfortable. Compression pants never ride up, and players can forget they are there.

These compression pants are available in white and go very well with white baseball pants. The long length of these compression pants eliminates any perceivable underwear lines and becomes effectively invisible under white baseball pants.

Why Wearing The Right Baseball Underwear Is Critical

Wearing the right underwear for playing baseball is always important, but it is especially critical when wearing white baseball pants.

White baseball pants are often very thin, and playing baseball often requires the player to slide on the ground at high speeds.

This means that white baseball pants tear and rip very easily for sliding, and if the field is wet or damp in any way, the pants will become transparent.

White fabric used to make baseball pants is sometimes so thin that it is easy to see through ti in the right light even if the pants are not wet.

All of this means that it is critical to wear the correct underwear when wearing this type of baseball pants. Wearing the right underwear for white baseball pants keeps the player well-protected if the pants rip or tear from sliding.

Wearing the right underwear also means that see-through baseball pants, whether they are transparent from getting wet or just from being thin, is no longer an issue, as the underwear will keep the player decent regardless of the state of the pants.

Without the right pair of underwear, white baseball pants can be very difficult to wear on the baseball field, especially when they rip.

For these reasons, most baseball teams that wear white baseball pants also encourage their players to wear the right type of underwear under their pants, and usually suggest sliding shorts or compression pants.


White compression shorts, compression pants, or sliding shorts are the best underwear for white baseball pants. This type of underwear is designed for playing sports, and they become completely invisible under white baseball pants. This underwear will also add a layer of protection for ball players who need it.

Without the right underwear, white baseball pants can be a nightmare on the field. Always ensure that you have the right attire to wear under your white baseball pants, regardless of when or where you play the game. A good pair of white sliding shorts can prevent much embarrassment for players wearing white baseball pants.

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