Why Do Baseball Pants Have Velcro? (Find Out Here)

There is a wide variety of baseball pants on the market, and they all have pros and cons. However, some sportswear brands produce baseball pants with Velcro inside them. If you have never experienced these baseball pants before, you may be wondering why these pants are equipped with this feature.

Baseball pants have Velcro to make them adjustable. These Velcro hems allow the pants to be lengthened or shortened according to the length of the player’s legs. These pants are designed for young players who are getting taller, eliminating the need to buy new pants throughout the baseball season.

Some baseball pants have Velcro in them, and some do not. This feature can be desirable and make the pants last longer, or the Velcro can be frustrating and challenging. Regardless of your experience with Velcro in baseball pants, it is essential to understand why the feature is there and how to use it correctly to get the most out of this type of baseball pants.

Why Do Baseball Pants Have Velcro?

Some brands of baseball pants have Velcro sewn into them in various places. This addition to the pants can be confusing if you do not know what they are for, and the Velcro can be annoying if you do not know how to use it correctly. Why are these pants made with Velcro in them?

Baseball pants have Velcro in them to make the pants adjustable for players of different sizes and to account for the growth of young ball players.

The Velcro is usually sewn into the hem of the pants legs and used to adjust the height of the hem of the pants. In some instances, Velcro can also be found inside the waist of baseball pants.

The Velcro within the waist of the pants is designed to help keep baseball jerseys tucked in during gameplay. The Velcro within the hem of the pants legs allows the wearer to adjust the hem of the pants to their ideal height.

Baseball pants that are too long can be dangerous and easily damaged during gameplay. If a player has pants that are too long, they can trip over them, which may cause injury, and the pants will be stepped on by their cleats, which will cause damage to the pants over time.

Velcro in baseball pants is primarily used for young players who are still growing. Baseball pants are expensive, and using adjustable pants rather than buying new pants every time the player grows two inches is far more cost-effective.

Learning to use this Velcro in baseball pants is essential as if it is not used properly, the Velcro can be frustrating and get in the way of the player during the game.

However, if you use the Velcro hem adjustment well, the player will be comfortable and feel secure in their pants during the game. They will not find themselves tripping over their pants or being uncomfortable.

Are Velcro Hems In Baseball Pants Worthwhile?

Not all baseball pants have Velcro hems and Velcro in their waist, so you may be wondering if it is worthwhile to use them rather than regular pants that do not have these Velcro features.

Baseball pants with Velcro are designed for baseball players who are growing quickly, especially kids and teenagers.

If a player grows three or four inches during the baseball season, their pants may need to be replaced twice before the season is over to ensure that they have proper-fitting pants to play in.

Using pants with Velcro hems allows the player to wear the same pants for an entire season without requiring replacements, significantly reducing the bass season’s running costs.

The Velcro in the waist of these baseball pants is far less functional and is only required when a player has real trouble keeping their jersey tucked in during the game.

However, if the ball player has stopped growing and will not outgrow their pants, there is no reason to use baseball pants with Velcro hems. Some players may still use them if they have very long or very short legs, but most players can have their pants sewn in at the hems and have the perfect pants length.

This means that baseball pants with Velcro hems are worthwhile for players who are growing quickly and who will outgrow their pants, but it is not worthwhile for players who are no longer getting taller and whose pants do not need to be adjusted.

How To Use Velcro Hems In Baseball Pants

The key to baseball pants with Velcro is using them well. If you do not use the Velcro properly, the hem of the pants may come undone during gameplay, which can be very dangerous for the player, as the hems can be very long and become a serious tripping hazard.

To use baseball pants with Velcro correctly, it is crucial to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. There are several different brands of baseball pants with Velcro hems, and they all operate slightly differently.

Most pants like this are used by simply exposing the Velcro tabs within the hem of the pants, rolling the pants hem up the leg of the player until it is the correct length, fastening the Velcro to keep the hem in place, and rolling the pants leg back down.

If the process is completed correctly, the hem will stay tucked within the pant leg, and the Velcro will keep it secure.

If the payer feels comfortable moving within the pants, and if the pants do not feel like they are shifting or moving in a strange way, the Velcro hems have been used correctly.

If the player feels like their pants are sitting uncomfortably, or if the hem falls while the player moves, the Velcro hem has not been used correctly, and it should be adequately reset to be safe for the player.


Baseball pants with Velcro hems are an innovative idea that makes it easier for young, growing players to wear the same baseball pants for longer. This reduces the overall cost of the baseball season and keeps the player in well-fitting pants all year.

Not all baseball pants have Velcro, and not all players find this feature useful, but for those players who need it, there is nothing better on the field than adjustable baseball pants with Velcro.


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